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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Helloooooooooooo! Anybody there? Anybody?



Thanks to my husband and my new friend Belinda Yup, that Belinda..Belinda from www.ninjapoodles.com. I have been reading her blogs and laughing myself silly for a while now and she has nudged me forward. With the help of my very own Ninja Poodle who just arrived from Arkansas! See, I think I needed a lap dog for inspiration. When I told her I needed a new poodle, she was only too eager to oblige and quicker than a wink, I was on a plane to 'Lil Rock Arkansaw'. (I hope I pronounced that right ya'll) Ok, I am not the type to make fun of anyone's dialect, but 'cuz I am from the south and all, I am entitled. See if you've eaten rabbit, squirrel, fried okra, and pickled pigs feet, you've earned the right to laugh at yourself (and any and all rednecks!)

Ok, enough of my ADHD rambling. In short, Belinda is even more beautiful in person and Isabella is just DELICIOUS! Now Alex, on the other hand, is not the redneck I pictured. He is a stud muffin (there it is in print for you). I felt so at home with this bunch that I had a hard time leaving. But I did, and Tate and I hopped a flight back home to Chicago. He is the most beautiful miniature Poodle that I have ever seen and he is well on his way to being the poodle love of my life. So thanks for the Ninja! I am already saving for #2.


Blogger Belinda said...

ah-HA! Now you know my fiendish plot...ninja poodles...you can't have just ONE! bwahahahahaaaaaa.

And seriously? Take that God-awful picture of me being sick down off your flickr page. It makes me very, very sad.

2:48 PM  
Blogger Belinda said...

And hey, why did you expect Alex to be a redneck, anyway? Was it the potato-cannon? OK, yeah, I see your point.

2:49 PM  
Blogger Erin said...

Just wanted to say Hi from the Ninja-Alaska clan. Another Ninja invasion!

He's an adorable boy. Man, I love silver poodles. Congratulations on your beautiful new poodle addition!

8:38 PM  
Blogger Poodlebugz said...

What a pretty puppy! Now, tell us all about how he's winding you around his little silver paw.

7:43 AM  

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